Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bedouin | Arabic | Sadu | Tents

Bedouin is the anglicization of the Arabic term “bedu. Bedouin communities  are found in the arid steppe climatic regions of Arabia and North Africa. Bedouin communities  have traditionally lived in tents known as buryuut hajar also known as beit al-sha’r means house of hair. Bedouin tent also known as Arabian Tent has been a dwelling-place for Bedouins since the dawn of history. Varying geographical features and differences in the culture of its dwellers may have altered its design, but its essential qualities are unchanged.  These tents are woven from the hair of sheep and goats, and their design is originated  from in Mesopotamian culture. The animal hair is woven into strips of coarse cloth known as fala’if, which are then sewn together. The natural colour is retained – mainly black goat’s hair, with occasional addition of sheep’s wool, which gives the tent a streaked, brown/black appearance. Traditional Bedouin Tent is the remnants of their rich and ancient traditions,and is an unavoidable part of bedouian culture and living. 

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