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Arabian Tents


Bait Al Nokhada LLC. (Tents and Shades Manufacturer) is one of the nation's largest readymade/customized PVC TENTS, ARABIC TENTS, CAR PARKINGS AND TENSILE SHADES manufacturer, We are proud to be the ONLY SMART SHADE MANUFACTURER AND PROVIDER IN GCC REGION and supplying internationaly.

We use a wide range of fabric and materials such as PVC, KNITTED SHADE CLOTH (HDPE) COTTON CANVAS, BAIT SHA’AR (GOAT HAIR), WOOD, FIBER GLASS AND ALUMINUM. Furthermore we are specialized in making ARABIC TRADITIONAL TENTS FROM GOAT HAIR WOOLEN FABRIC with interior designing supporting with 3D models. We are also specialized in manufacturing BANQUET TENTS, RELIEF TENTS, CAMPING TENTS, MOBILE TENTS AND ALL KINDS OF PVC TENTS.

Arabian Tent is the Traditional Tent in UAE, it combines the styles of Arab glorious past and advanced future.

Shapes and Colors.
Arabic Tents comes with different measurements and multiple shapes so they can be installed at any place and in any circumstance even those shapes that are considered out of the ordinary and for specific tastes.
Appearance of the outer shape of the Arabic tent varies as desired by the client.

We can design these tents on demand, it varies from color to black and white and we can change door shapes as there are glass doors, regular tent doors (small and large), window sizes vary as per clients requests.
Sadu Tents can be placed in any location - Swimming Pools Area, Parks, Hotels and Corporate Entrances, House Gardens, Commercial Centers,  Automotive Exhibitions, Conferences Halls.

Arabic Tents specifications.
Spanish Sadu, Hidden illumination, German water insulator, Elite German Fabric (Hair)
US or Italian Liner
Sliding door on per demand
Air-conditioner slot as required
Tube emerged around the tent
Visible lighting as per order
Base Height as per order

We will satisfy all your requests and it will equip and furnish these Arabic and Sadu tents with: Fancy Wooden Floors, , Installation of all electrical supplies, Provide the external doors with umbrellas, Chimneys in all shapes and sizes, External air conditioners, Internal air conditioners ,Outdoor lighting for entrances, Internal decorations and Internal illumination in the roof.

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Arabian Tents                                                                       

Interior of Arabian Tent
Luxury carpets, Arab Settings, Distinct decorations, Lighting that reflects the spectacular furniture
Inner lining installed in different shapes and colors
Furniture that is spectacular in design and beauty As required per customers request and according to the occasion. When it comes to customer desires nothing is impossible.I

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