Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Event Halls | Exhibition Tents

Leading Event Hall and Tents manufacturing company Bait Al Nokhada Tents & Fabric Shade LLC based at Abu Dhabi, UAE, provides all types of Tents and Event Halls, such as PVC Tents, Wedding Halls, Exhibition Halls, Arabian Tents, Ramadan Tents, Party Tents, Camping Tents, etc. In short Bait Al Nokhada is the one stop solution provider for all your needs in Tents and Event Halls.

Bait Al Nokhada has many types of tents and event halls with various size, designs and shapes also you can select or customize interiors, lightings, furnitures  and other settings of your choice to make your event a unique and memorable one. You can also choose the colour or look that you want to incorporate in your event and even acquire professional assistance in deciding the kind of preparations that you will have to make. Our expert team will be on site for the construction and ensure that, your event hall  meets  all requirements.

We also provide rental of these Tents and Event halls for long term as well as for short term needs, along with customized interior decorations and furnitures. For more details email to info@baitalnokhada.com  or submit your inquiry online.

Email : info@baitalnokhada.com    Tel : +971-2-555(8368)TENT


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